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About the Aroid Society of Australia (ASA)

The ASA, an incorporated not for profit organisation, was founded in 2017 by a group of like minded individuals with the goal of encouraging and promoting interest in the aroid family of plants. The ASA provides its members with a network of experts to assist in plant identification and encourages the development of new types of Aroids within Australia.

The ASA is responsible for convening plant sales, conferences, speakers and shows, through a network of state representatives, as well as through social media. The ASA co-operates with other organisations with similar goals both in Australia and internationally to further our networks and knowledge base.

We are run by a network of dedicated volunteers who are all passionate plant people in different ways. Most importantly our society is about having fun and making friends in a warm and welcoming environment, bringing into contact all those who collect and grow aroids.

Please send all correspondence to: Aroid Society of Australia Inc, P O Box 442, Salisbury QLD 4107.

Membership Fee Schedule


Single annual membership $35.00

Family/couples membership - $60.00

Concession card holders - $25.00

Management Committee

Interim President and South QLD representative Andrew Baker

Vice President  - Currently Vacant

Treasurer - Paolo Aviñante.

Secretary - Wynne Robinson

Committee Member - Diane Tran.

Committee Member and NSW representative.  Brendon Wong

Committee Member and North QLD representative.  Blake Jolley

Committee Member, Liason officer and SA representative. - Jess Schinella.

Committee Member and VIC representative Kate Scanlon.

Committee Member and NT representative currently vacant

Committee Member and TAS representative - Brodie McHenry

Committee Member and WA representative Stu Taylor.

Committee Member and editor. Liz Showniruk.

Anthurium moddeanum - picture and plant by Kathryn Edwards

Mature unknown hybrid - picture and plant by Kathryn Edwards

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